Welcome to Photovolt Development Partners

Engineering and Development for Utility Scale Solar Solutions

Photovolt Japan GK (PVDP) is a developer of utility scale photovoltaic power plants with a track record of 900 MW developed projects and further 550 MW under development to date. PVDP is focused on developing very large photovoltaic power plants with capacity per project starting at 50 MWp and no upper limit. The largest project developed has a capacity of 480 MWp.

The development of such projects requires special expertise in a number of areas such as high voltage engineering, governmental relations, environmental assessment, land related issues and an in depth understanding of the photovoltaic and power transmission industries, together with the legal and regulatory framework in any given country. The management of multiple large-scale projects requires complex coordination over longer periods of time to ensure fast completion. Our team has many years of industry experience and we use advanced software for the planning and simulation purposes. Working in different countries across the globe we cooperate closely with local teams of engineers, architects, real estate brokers, legal and political advisors to liaise with local stakeholders that influence content and duration of the permitting and construction process. All projects are developed off-balance sheet in special purpose vehicles that are joined by equity investors, typically at start of construction. The power plants are typically financed by a combination of equity and non-recourse debt to achieve attractive returns. Development activities are financed by shareholders equity. The construction is outsourced to experienced construction companies on the basis of turn-key, lump sum EPC contracts.
All projects are proprietary developments and are at professional standards expected for investments of this size.